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Amazing video, how humanity is on the verge of revolution, the fight for perception of ranking values within human existence…

Breaking News:Epidemic of Birth Defects and Cancer in Iraq: America’s Toxic Legacy…


America’s Gulf War, intermittent bombings in the 1990s, the 2003 war, and aftermath left a toxic legacy. 
Children born with two heads reflect it. Some had only one eye. Missing sockets look like the inside of an oyster. They’re milky and shapeless. 
Some children had tails like a skinned lamb. One or more had a monkey’s face. Girls had their legs grown together. They were half fish, half human.
Miscarriages are frequent. Hundreds of newborns have cleft pallets, elongated heads, overgrown or short limbs, and other malformed body parts. Some are too gruesome to view.
Deformed Iraqi newborns are commonplace. So are virtually every known illness and disease. They’re inordinately frequent. They range from severe headaches, muscle pain and debilitating fatigue, to serious infections, cardiovascular disease, brain tumors and numerous type cancers.
They include leukemia, Hodgkin’s disease and multiple myeloma. Others affect the bile ducts, bones, brain, breasts, colon, prostate, esophagus, gall bladder, liver, lungs, pancreas, pharynx, ovaries, salivary glands, small intestine, stomach, thyroid, urinary tract, and pelvis.
Cancer’s been around a long time. In October 2010,Nature.com headlined “Cancer: an old disease, a new disease or something in between?”
It said a “striking rarity of malignancies in ancient physical remains might indicate that cancer was rare in antiquity….”
University of Illinois School of Public Health/Cancer Prevention Coalition Chairman/Professor Emeritus Samuel S. Epstein titled his 1978 award-winning book “The Politics of Cancer.”
Twenty years later, he updated it. It’s called “The Politics of Cancer Revisited.”
He’s an internationally recognized cancer expert. He calls it a growth industry. Over recent decades, the incidence of numerous types skyrocketed.
He referred to doing so in modern societies. Iraq and other US war theaters are different. Iraq perhaps is in a class of its own. Vast parts of the country are irradiated.
On May 21, Science Daily headlined “Cancer and Birth Defects in Iraq: The Nuclear Legacy,” saying:
Ten years after the 2003 war, Mosul-based scientists “detected high levels of uranium contamination in soil samples at three sites in the province of Nineveh which, coupled with dramatically increasing rates of childhood cancers and birth defects at local hospitals.”
Iraq’s a toxic wasteland. Scores of pollutants include dangerous chemicals and metals, oil, gasoline, pesticides, bacteria, other poisons, and irradiation. Widespread depleted uranium use caused it.
US bombs, missiles, shells and bullets use solid DU projectiles or warheads. They’re de facto nuclear bombs. Their widespread use is more harmful than Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
Inhaled or ingested DU particles or dust is highly toxic. They’re designated illegal weapons for good reason. America prioritizes their use. Iraqis suffer horrendously. 
Radioactive contamination is virtually everywhere. DU’s half-life is 4.5 billion years. Contamination is permanent. According to Helen Caldicott:
America’s two Iraq wars “have been nuclear wars because they have scattered nuclear material across the land, and people, particularly children, are condemned to die of malignancy and congenital disease essentially for eternity.”
From 1991 – 2008, the incidence of birth defects and childhood cancer spiked sevenfold. Over one-third of US Gulf War vets are dead, seriously ill, or permanently disabled.
Science Daily said widespread “carcinogenic material across Iraq suggests the public health legacy of the two Gulf Wars is only going to get worse.” It does so annually.
In October 2012, London’s Guardian headlined “The victims of Fallujah’s health crisis are stifled by western silence.”
Four new studies link “one of the most severe public health crises in history” to America’s two November 2004 assaults on the city. Cancer rates and birth defects spiked dramatically.
Cancer expert Dr. Chris Busby studied conditions. He called Fallujah’s crisis “the highest rate of genetic damage in any population ever studied.”
In some respects, Basra replicates it. Its neural tube defects (aka “open back”) incidence is unprecedented. Numbers keep rising.
Hydrocenphalus (water on the brain) cases among newborns are sixfold higher than America. US munitions bear full responsibility.
In September 2012, the Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology (BECT) headlined “Metal Contamination and the Epidemic of Congenital Birth Defects in Iraqi Cities.”
Evidence it reported was damning. From October 1994 – October 1995, congenital defects per 1,000 live births in Basra’s Maternity Hospital was 1.37.
In 2003, it was 23. It represented an “astonishing 17-fold (increase) in the same hospital.” From 2003 – 2011, annual evaluations were conducted. Congenital birth defect occurrences and types were reported.
Metal levels in hair, toenails and teeth were provided. Children with birth defects had nearly three times more lead in the enamel portion of deciduous teeth than others living in unimpacted areas. 
Parents were abnormally affected. Pregnant mothers and growing fetuses are especially vulnerable. Exposure to toxic air, water, and soil pollutants assures trouble.
Following US bombings, contamination increased dramatically. Cancer, other diseases and birth defects followed. They’re at epidemic levels. They keep rising.
Populations in war zones suffer horrifically. Radiation-affected theaters compound it. BECT said nationwide Iraq ill health reports suggest greater crisis ahead.
“News of increases in childhood cancers, of perinatal and infant morbidity and mortality, and of unusual increases in congenital birth defects, have continued to emerge from across Iraq.” 
Data from central Iraq’s Al-Ramadi corroborated Fallujah findings. Basra’s seriously affected.
“Present knowledge on the effects of prenatal exposure to metals, combined with our results, suggests that the bombardment of Al Basrah and Fallujah may have exacerbated public exposure to metals, possibly culminating in the current epidemic of birth defects.”
Internal pre-Gulf War data showed cancer incidence at 40 per 100,000. By 1995, it was 800. By 2005, it doubled to 1,600. Annually, numbers increase.
They understate the problem’s severity. Cancer and birth defect rates are likely much higher. Reporting falls short of what’s needed. 
Iraq’s a cauldron of disease, malformed newborns, pain, suffering, misery, deaths and despair. 
Daily violence, extreme poverty and unemployment, malnutrition, repression, dysfunctional infrastructure, permanent occupation, and other imperial priorities compound other problems.
Media scoundrels don’t explain. US ones hail an Iraq success story. In August 2008, The New York Times called “Iraq a remarkably safer place than it was when” Petraeus arrived.
Violence “plummeted” significantly. Streets “are flourishing with life. The worst, for now, has been averted.” America’s toxic legacy was ignored.
Violence then was more than acknowledged. Today it’s out-of-control. Resource theft, ecocide, human misery, and health crisis conditions go unreported.  
News most fit to print is suppressed. Official fabrications substitute. It’s standard scoundrel media practice. 
Most Americans don’t know what’s been done in their name. It’s true in all US war theaters. They don’t ask. They’re not told. It happens every time.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net. 
His new book is titled “Banker Occupation: Waging Financial War on Humanity.”

Other News:TV Correspondent Goes Insane After Routine Injection, Gets Locked In Asylum For Two Years…


My friend Malcolm Brabant has gone to places none of us would like to go.

 He has been possessed sitting on his veranda under a dark, Attic sky; he has heard voices in his head that have urged him to kill; he has been drunk with delirium, believing he was the chosen one, the Messiah come to save the world. He has grappled with inner demons, devilish thoughts that have made him believe he was Lucifer, too.

For almost two years, my friend Malcolm has slipped in and out of madness, dancing on the edge of an abyss most of us will never know. Spirits he calls guardian angels – friends and relatives who died prematurely – have sometimes accompanied him along the way. They have spoken to him in commandments, urging him to drink his urine or eat his excrement – or brush his teeth with a lavatory brush. And, like those satanic thoughts, they have inhabited his soul.

My friend Malcolm, a spirited man in his 50s, conquered by furies; an award-winning BBC foreign correspondent and storyteller par excellence who should never have been narrating this particular tale.

“There is a very fine dividing line between madness and sanity,” he says. “I have slipped between the two very easily. It is extraordinary, really, how rapidly it can happen.”

I had not heard his voice since he left Athens in October 2011. The departure had been “hasty”, a shocking end to an illustrious career covering the killing fields that were the Balkans and the savagery of Chechnya before setting up in Miami and returning to Greece for a second stint in 2003.

For years, Malcolm’s was the familiar face that we saw on our screens reporting from all those spots. Like so many BBC veterans polished in the school of pitch and pace, his voice remains confident and strong. But as he speaks from his new home in Copenhagen, it is imbued with something else. “The doctors say there is a good chance I will fully recover, but there is also a chance I could relapse, too.” “Relapse”, a word I would never have associated with bold, brave, get-on-and do-it Malcolm. “I’m still on drugs, antipsychotic medication, even if it has been much reduced.”

It all began, Malcolm believes, with a pinprick – a yellow-fever jab administered for a trip to the Ivory Coast. Well before most, Malcolm had become a one-man band, self-taught in the art of making films, creating packages and doing lives. But his choice to be based in Athens also came with its challenges. In a country long perceived to be a non-news maker – before its dramatic economic collapse – editorial indifference meant life as a freelance was marked by periods of feast and famine. There was no fixed salary or paid holidays. Enterprising freelances survived by broadening their skills and rooting for stories elsewhere.

In the early spring of 2011, Malcolm was doing just that when he elected to go to the Ivory Coast on a non-BBC assignment to make a film for Unicef. The vaccine, a dose of Stamaril, administered at a municipal clinic in Athens, was part of his preparations for that trip. It was Friday 15 April 2011. Pressed for time, Malcolm stopped at the clinic while doing the school run with Trine, his Danish wife. “She asked: ‘Shall I come in with you?’ and I said, ‘No.’ It was routine. And there seemed nothing wrong with the clinic,” he recalled.

Within hours, the symptoms erupted. Gripped by a raging fever, he turned lobster red, shivering so violently the headboard above the couple’s bed shook uncontrollably. It took two weeks – after admission to hospital and a dose of steroids – before his temperature could be brought down.

Then came psychosis. A shooting star, glimpsed after supper from the balcony of their home, quickly convinced Malcolm that he had witnessed the Second Coming and, as such, had been invested with all the powers of a modern-day Messiah. Trine, by turns, suddenly found herself confronting a man she did not know. One minute he was Baby Jesus – demanding he be swaddled in a sheet – the next he was ranting incoherently or daubing crosses on the walls of their home with the juice of crushed strawberries.

Often, the couple’s son, Lukas, would witness his father consumed by fury and despair. “He was an innocent 12-year-old boy who should never have seen such things,” says Malcolm. “He is as much a victim as me.”

Incarceration began in Athens with Malcolm spending his first three weeks in a psychiatric hospital on the outskirts of the capital. But there was worse to come. And when it did, it came in the form of Lucifer himself. Unable to keep up his job in Athens – following a bout of treatment in his native Ipswich – it was decided that the couple should retreat to Copenhagen.

“What happened in the Greek hospital was completely mild to what happened here,” says Malcolm. “We left in a hurry, a real hurry, and in November, soon after we got here, I just collapsed. It was as if I had been stabbed in the lungs and all the air had been taken out of me. I was convinced I was the devil and that my actions would lead to both Trine and Lukas being killed.”

There was no option but to be committed, this time to a psychiatric hospital on the outskirts of Copenhagen. “It was a locked-in ward known as 811. I spent seven days rocking back and forth saying I was the devil,” he remembers. “I grew a long, spikey beard and just rocked and rocked.”

Forced to endure the “guttural screams and shrieks of other patients” and not speaking a word of Danish, Malcolm thought he was experiencing hell on earth. For Trine, whose father had been incarcerated in the same ward before taking his own life 20 years earlier, it was hard beyond words.

Imagining himself, in his first bout of madness, to be the Messiah was one thing. “But to believe I was the instrument of the devil, to be consumed by such dark thoughts, was quite another.”

Dogged by depression, his life in complete ruins, Malcolm underwent four sessions of electroconvulsive therapy which, initially at least, spurred the couple into thinking he was on the way to recovery. “On Christmas Eve I was allowed back home for three hours. Trine had cooked a wonderful meal, but as I was standing in the kitchen, carving the meat, a 10-inch blade in my hand, all I kept hearing were these voices saying ‘kill’, ‘kill’, ‘kill’, and they were incredibly loud. I was like a camera outside myself … my conscious and corporeal being were never going to give into them, but I was really very shocked.”

Was he a schizophrenic or a potential psychopath? Both thoughts raced through his mind.

On New Year’s Eve, utterly persuaded he would kill his wife and son, he placed a belt around his neck and tried to take his own life, instead. A nurse caught him, just in time.

In July last year, Malcolm was let out of the hospital. He has not been readmitted. But what he regards as a fluke of fate has destroyed his life. His job, his beloved Greece have both been lost. And, in being taken to places no one would want to go, he has been brought to the brink of penury.

The couple do not doubt that the yellow fever vaccine is to blame. “From when the fever first started, it was clear that Malcolm was having an adverse event,” insists Trine, a journalist herself. “All the experts I have spoken to believe the batch was contaminated.”

Steadfastly they have pursued the manufacturer, Sanofi Pasteur, for compensation. The company has vehemently denied any link, arguing that the batch of vaccine in question had “passed the numerous quality controls” and suggesting that perhaps Malcolm’s breakdown was the result of being predisposed to mental illness.

Although the company admits that reports of side-effects have included mental disorders, it says there have been fewer than 10 such reports, including Malcolm’s, after the distribution of more than 300 million doses of the vaccine worldwide.

Out of the darkness, scrambling for light, Malcolm has written eloquently, in his book, Malcolm is a Little Unwell, about his descent into madness. It was, as I have said, the story he was never meant to tell. But as a friend, I can only thank the gods that he is here to tell it.

 Other News:Obama Demands Court Uphold His “Right” To Ignore Constitution…


Obama’s Department of Justice is demanding a federal judge dismiss the injunction with which she sought to uphold the constitutional rights of the American people.

On May 16th, federal judge Kathleen Forrest granted a preliminary injunction to plaintiffs in a lawsuit filed against Barack Obama and the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 (NDAA), striking down those sections of the Act that provide the president the power to indefinitely detain American citizens without benefit of their 5th and 6th Amendment rights.

Under the terms of the Act, Obama had been given exclusive authority to direct members of the US military to arrest and imprison anyone he believed to have “substantially supported” al Qaeda, the Taliban, or “associated forces.” When pressed by plaintiff’s attorneys about the practical extent of this authority, government lawyers admitted “…the NDAA does give the president the power to lock up people like journalist Chris Hedges and peaceful activists,” admitting that “…even war correspondents could be locked up indefinitely under the NDAA.”

And when asked by the judge what it meant to be an “associated force”, Obama’s lawyers “…claimed the right to refrain from offering any clear definition of [the] term, or clear boundaries of the president’s power under [the] law.” In short, it is the federal government’s scheme that the Act remain so vague that a corrupt and power-hungry Administration may imprison virtually anyone it considers a threat to its pursuit of absolute power.

On July 25th, Administration lawyers filed papers demanding Judge Forrest’s preliminary injunction NOT be made permanent. In the filing, Obama made it clear his Administration would ignore the court and its injunction regardless of what the judge may decide, claiming incorrectly that “…[the] injunction would have ‘nil’ effect, for the government would continue to possess the identical detention authority under the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force…” Of course, that is a lie, as the AUMF applies only to known members of al Qaeda or the Taliban.

Most indicative of the Obama Administration’s contempt for Judge Forrest, the law, and the American people was government attorney Benjamin Torrance’s claim that it was “the Obama Administration’s position” NDAA detention provisions do not apply to American citizens living in the US. Judge Forrest responded by quoting Chief Justice Roberts, who wrote in a 2010 case that the Supreme Court “…would not uphold an unconstitutional statute merely because the government promised to use it reasonably.” So much for Judge Forrest’s faith in the validity and value of Obama’s signing statement promise to not employ his Section 1021 authority to indefinitely detain the American public!

Yet incredibly, when pressed on the issue, this Obama mouthpiece suggested to Forrest that concerns about the president’s detention powers were excessive as American citizens would, after all, have the ability to file  a writ of habeas corpus should they be illegally or improperly jailed! “How long does [such a] petition take,” asked Forrest? When Torrance refused to answer, the Judge continued, “Several years, right”?

So not only did Obama’s attorney lie about his Marxist boss’s corrupt intentions; he actually claimed that the abuse of American citizens was somehow acceptable because those unconstitutionally imprisoned might ask that the charges against them be produced after ONLY a few years behind bars!

Judge Forrest will soon decide whether to make the injunction permanent. Every citizen must watch very carefully for that ruling, as the “mainstream” media has ignored the story completely. We must all hope the Judge will not be intimidated by this corrupt Regime as so many of her colleagues have been before her.

Other News: NSA spy grid whistleblower Ed Snowden steps forward in mind-blowing video interview with Glenn Greenwald…


The NSA spy scandal has just exploded beyond the worst fears of the highly-secretive U.S. government. The whistleblower behind the leaked PRISM slides has just stepped forward, offering a mind-blowing interview to investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald, who broke this story in The Guardian. (Wow, actual journalism is making a comeback! This is legendary stuff!)

We have copied the video from The Guardian and placed it on TV.naturalnews.com to make sure it’s safely archived on a network that can’t be censored by Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, YouTube, etc. — all the top companies who conspired with the NSA to turn over private user data (emails, phone calls, videos, etc.) to government spooks.

The link to that video is:

A (nearly) full transcript of this historical interview is offered below. I’ve compiled what I consider to be the most explosive quotes from both the video and the related Q&A page posted on the Guardian (link below). Read them here:

(All quotes by Edward Snowden, NSA infrastructure analyst)

“Any analyst at any time can target anyone. Any selector, anywhere… I, sitting at my desk, certainly had the authorities to wiretap anyone, from you or your accountant, to a federal judge, to even the President…”

“We collect more digital communications from America than we do from the Russians.”

“When you are subverting the power of government, that’s a fundamentally dangerous thing to democracy.”

“You can’t come forward against the world’s most powerful intelligence agencies and be completely free from risk, because they’re such powerful adversaries, that no one can meaningfully oppose them.”

“The NSA has built an infrastructure that allows it to intercept almost everything. If I wanted to see your emails or your wife’s phone, all I have to do is use intercepts. I can get your emails, passwords, phone records, credit cards.”

“Even if you’re not doing anything wrong, you’re being watched and recorded. …it’s getting to the point where you don’t have to have done anything wrong, you simply have to eventually fall under suspicion from somebody, even by a wrong call, and then they can use this system to go back in time and scrutinize every decision you’ve ever made, every friend you’ve ever discussed something with, and attack you on that basis, to sort of derive suspicion from an innocent life.”

“The great fear that I have regarding the outcome for America of these disclosures is that nothing will change. [People] won’t be willing to take the risks necessary to stand up and fight to change things… And in the months ahead, the years ahead, it’s only going to get worse. [The NSA will] say that… because of the crisis, the dangers that we face in the world, some new and unpredicted threat, we need more authority, we need more power, and there will be nothing the people can do at that point to oppose it. And it will be turnkey tyranny.”

The NSA routinely lies to Congress

In addition to the video interview, Ed Snowden also went on the record with some Q&A with Glenn Greenwald. This exchange is published by The Guardian and it reveals yet more astonishing information — EXPLOSIVE information that makes Watergate look like a Boy Scout field trip…

Q: What do the leaked documents reveal?

A: “That the NSA routinely lies in response to congressional inquiries about the scope of surveillance in America. I believe that when [senator Ron] Wyden and [senator Mark] Udall asked about the scale of this, they [the NSA] said it did not have the tools to provide an answer. We do have the tools and I have maps showing where people have been scrutinized most. We collect more digital communications from America than we do from the Russians.”

Q: Is it possible to put security in place to protect against state surveillance?

A: “You are not even aware of what is possible. The extent of their capabilities is horrifying. We can plant bugs in machines. Once you go on the network, I can identify your machine. You will never be safe whatever protections you put in place.”

Q: Why did you decide to become a whistleblower?

A: “The NSA has built an infrastructure that allows it to intercept almost everything. With this capability, the vast majority of human communications are automatically ingested without targeting. If I wanted to see your emails or your wife’s phone, all I have to do is use intercepts. I can get your emails, passwords, phone records, credit cards.”

“I don’t want to live in a society that does these sort of things … I do not want to live in a world where everything I do and say is recorded. That is not something I am willing to support or live under.”

Other NewsSuper solar storm could leave Western nations without power ‘for months’


A power outage could leave Western nations without electricity for months in the event of a strong geomagnetic storm, a new report claims, adding that it is “almost inevitable in the future” while the sun is approaching the peak of its solar cycle.

It is a known fact that solar activity is interconnected with the our planet’s geomagnetic fields that are known to affect life on Earth, including widespread electrical disruptions.  Currently the Sun’s activity is ramping up toward what is known as solar maximum as the peak of the 11-year solar cycle is expected in 2015.

According to the report, produced by Lloyd’s in cooperation with Atmospheric and Environmental research (AER), super solar storms normally occur approximately every 150 years, the last being the Carrington Event in 1859 – a geomagnetic storm that caused disruptions in telegraph lines all over the world and the brightest auroras. However that was long before people were so dependent on electricity.

The report outlines a doomsday scenario – the cancellation of the services the public has come to depend upon every day. For example, the systems for controlling air-traffic would stop, potentially grounding entire fleets. The satellites that power the world’s telecoms networks would be knocked out.  Hospital patients dependent on electrical equipment would be put at risk.

This could lead to liability claims if customers believe companies did not take enough protective measures during a blackout, which would have significant implications for the insurance industry.

All this can occur as a result of strong geomagnetic storms – severe disturbances in the upper layers of our atmosphere caused by solar storms.  The geomagnetic storms  induce currents in long conductors such as power lines. These additional currents can trigger voltage collapse or damage extra-high voltage transformers. The economic costs would be catastrophic, according to the report.

The total cost of such a scenario today in Europe and North America is estimated at $2.6 trillion for a five-month blackout period, though it could be as low as $0.6 trillion, the Telegraph reports.

In 1859 a solar superstorm,  the so-called Carrington Event,  hit Earth’s magnetosphere and induced the largest observed geomagnetic solar storm,  causing bright auroras  that were seen around the world. People who happened to be awake in northeastern US could reportedly read a newspaper by the aurora’s light. During the storm telegraph wires in North America and Europe were reportedly destroyed , giving operators electric shocks and knocking out the telegraph network as far away as Australia and Asia for two days. That was before modern methods were used to calculate the force of the solar storms.

In March 1989, the strongest measured geomagnetic storm caused the collapse of Hydro-Québec’s electricity transmission system in Canada. More than six million people lost electric power for nine hours. That cost the government  $12.7 billion.

Historical auroral records suggest a return period of 50 years for storms like the one in Quebec and about 150 years for extreme storms such as the Carrington Event.

The researchers mapped potential effects on the US territory of an extreme solar storm much alike the Carrington Event in the report.

 Geomagnetic latitude, ground conductivity and distance from the coast’s highly conducive seawater can measure  the region’s susceptibility to geomagnetic storms. For example such populated regions as New York and Washington DC strongly attract the sun’s electric energy. Other regions include the US Midwest and the Gulf Coast states.

According to the data in the report the total US population at risk of extended power outage from a Carrington-level storm is between 20-40 million, with durations of sixteen days to one or two  years.

“The duration of outages will depend largely on the availability of spare replacement transformers. If new transformers need to be ordered, the lead-time is likely to be a minimum of five months,” it says.

“They are very limited in terms of numbers of replacements and manufacturing new transformers takes quite a long period of time, up to almost two years”  said Neil Smith, Research Manager at Lloyd’s of London as quoted by  the Telegraph. “These are huge pieces of equipment. Building and transporting it is a huge job” he added.”This could take weeks, even years, in the event of a really big storm.”

There are currently four satellites that can warn Earth of the coming CME and allow grid operators to prepare and take preventative measures before the storm, though the report adds that the force of the storm can only be measured in 15-30 minutes before it hits. The satellites are also past their mission lives and need replacement.

However the cost of prevention is reportedly much smaller than the price of damage caused by a single storm. For example, after the Quebec power outage the Canadian government has taken preventative measures by  investing  $1.2 billion into protecting the Quebec grid infrastructure, potentially saving billions of dollars if the incident should occur again.

Other NewsPolice Tase Man For Trying to Rescue His Baby From Fire – Baby Does Not Make It…


On June 2nd, there was a large house fire at Morningview drive, in San Antonio, Texas. 3 children were staying at their grandparents house, when a fire started from an unknown cause. The grandparents managed to rescue 2 children from the house, and accidentally left a nine month old boy.

Shortly thereafter, the father of the children arrived, and immediately attempted to go inside the burning house to rescue his nine month old son. However, police interfered with his will in this life or death situation, and went as far as to tase him for trying to save his own son. He was tased, and sadly, the infant did not make it.

The adrenaline, and pure loving determination to save his son would have made it a high possibility that he would have been able to save him, but the police disrespected his will, and used extreme force against him, preventing him from doing something that will probably taunt him the rest of his life.

This is a very sickeningly unfortunate event, and it is a very potent indicator of the mechanical, dysfunctional, disrespectful, and forceful characteristics of the police, the enforcement class of our out of control government.

The police of the United States tend to not know anything about the government they serve, except for what they hear from mainstream media.

The police, to speak collectively for a moment, have a mixed up, partially developed moral perspective, and desperately need an awakening, a large amount of information about who makes the laws they enforce, and how a society can be policed the right way. I’m talking of course, about a voluntary society, where the only people who are forcefully locked in a cage, are people who were using force against others.

The goal of this is not to insult or offend police officers, but to illustrate as clearly as possible, that they have no right to disrespect the will of people like this, and no one would disrespect them if they respected the people. It takes a situation as unfortunate as this, for some people to realize that blind faith in authority will lead to bad results every time.

 Police have no right to lock innocent people in cages, use force against peaceful people, or do most of the things they do, and it is far past the time that police actually come to grips with how messed up they are, for enforcing what they do.

Police these days, must work very hard to ignore loads of facts, and ignore that what they are doing is often wrong and serves no good purpose whatsoever. So how do we actually help these officers, and revive their minds with the facts about what they are doing, who they are serving, and how entirely unwarranted and messed up it is to interfere with people’s will and use force against peaceful people?

Of course, to try hard to be polite, maybe befriend an officer, and slowly ease them into the truth. The only thing one must do, is try. Really try, to wake up the enforcement class of this tyrannical government, show them the dysfunctional nature of what they enforce, and most importantly, how we can operate society better- have a voluntary society. This goes for the military and other authority figures too. Rest in peace, child who died, possibly unnecessarily, because a police officer tased this father and interfered with his free will to risk his life to save his son.

 Other News: Syria regime accused of new chemical attack…


Syrian opposition campaigners said that forces loyal to the regime of President Bashar al-Assad had fired what they said were chemical weapons at rebels surrounding an army base in the town of Adra on the outskirts of Damascus

The attack, from multiple rocket launchers, killed two fighters and wounded 23, the campaigners said.

“Doctors are describing the chemical weapon used as phosphorus that hits the nervous system and causes imbalance and loss of consciousness,” said Mohammad al-Doumani, an activist in the nearby town of Douma, where the wounded were transported.

“The two fighters were very close to where the rockets exploded and they died swiftly. The rest are being treated with Atropine,” he said.

There was no independent confirmation of the attack, which follows the death of 26 people in a rocket attack near the city of Aleppo last week. The authorities and rebels accused each other of firing a missile carrying chemicals there.

Other News: South Korea, US sign military plan against North ‘provocations’


South Korea has signed a new military plan with the US to counter what officials call North Korean “provocations”.

The plan provides for a joint response between both countries in the event of a limited attack from the North, officials say.

Help from the US – which has 28,000 troops in South Korea – has until now been optional in minor skirmishes.

Regional tension remains high after the North’s third nuclear test last month.

The US already offers South Korea a “nuclear umbrella”, but Cold War experts have pointed out that while nuclear deterrence may address the possibility of all-out war, it does not deter low-level incidents.

Under the new plan, South Korea will be able to call on US assistance should Pyongyang follow through with its recent threats, for example to attack remote South Korean islands, says the BBC’s Lucy Williamson in Seoul.

“This allows both nations to jointly respond to the North’s local provocations, with the South taking the lead and the US in support,” South Korean defence ministry spokesman Kim Min-seok said on Monday.

“It will have the effect of preventing the North from daring to provoke us,” he added of the deal, which was signed on Friday.

The “provocative” acts that the plan seeks to address include incursions on the border and by low-flying aircraft, and attacks on border islands, says the Agence-France Presse news agency.

The new plan was conceived in 2010, after North Korea shelled a border island. A South Korean warship also sank that year, leaving 46 sailors dead. South Korea said North Korea torpedoed the ship, but Pyongyang denied this.

Last month the United Nations imposed fresh sanctions against North Korea following its nuclear test on 12 February.

Pyongyang has responded with escalating rhetoric both to this and US-South Korea joint military drills which it bitterly opposes.

It says it has scrapped the Korean War armistice and ended non-aggression pacts with Seoul.

South Korea says North Korea cannot unilaterally dissolve the armistice and has called on Pyongyang to tone down its language.

Other News: Texas moves to forcibly inoculate children…


A bill has been introduced in Texas that would allow children to consent to receiving vaccines without any parental input.

Should babies having babies be allowed to consent to vaccines without their parents knowledge?

The bill, S.B. 63 titled, “Relating to consent to the immunization of certain children,” would allow for consent to immunization by a child if the child is pregnant or is the custodial parent of a child. It also notes, “a health care provider or facility may rely on the written statement of the child containing the grounds on which the child has capacity to consent.”